CASE StudieS


Over the course of 3.5 years I worked with Carnival Cruise Line to redesign their existing “booked guest” area of the website. The typical customer purchases between 3-6 months away from their sail date, giving the business time to surface promotions and products, and make embarkation operations more efficient.


I spent 3 years working directly with C-level executives for an innovative medical business model that is paid to keep patients out of the hospital. The typical “fee for service” model, which is the industry standard, is paid by what tests, medications, and assessments are conducted. In its essence, fee for service is incentivized to treat symptoms, not the patient. I designed a flagship product for ChenMed that enabled doctors to treat the patient first – their monetary incentive was keeping patients out of the hospital.


I was part of a Miami startup planning to convert your automobile into a payment method by using RFID stickers on the windshield that could be associated, and read by, businesses that involve cars. For example, parking garages, gas stations, fast food chains, car washes, etc.