NOLA Made Creative. 
Currently UX Lead & Brand Developer in Miami.

About Me
I began designing websites when I was 10 years old and quickly became fascinated within the intersection of design and technology. In high school, I co-founded a creative collective called Pryzd Clothing, which helped build experience through experiment. My first professional design job was one week out of high school and I’ve worked in the design world, in advertising, fashion, technology, healthcare, hospitality and travel, ever since. I was lucky enough to have great mentors early in my professional life, and recently, I’ve led stints to try and repay those experiences by teaching at design bootcamps like Ironhack, Miami.

My natural role was graphic and web design (with a nose for web development). That has since evolved into strategy and holistic product design. I’ve matured to include user and market research and analytics methodologies. Today, I see myself as a well-rounded designer with an array of tools that can be called upon, as needed. The type of projects I seek involve user-centered design, branding strategy, and simplifying complex systems of information.

Below, you’ll see a portfolio showcasing a wide variety of projects where I created, lead, and/or directed, the end-to-end design thinking processes, along with the design production. Feel free to reach out for any comments or questions.